summer 2015: 26/89

new york



we spent a lot of the day in the pool.

the rest of the day was spent in the air conditioning.

i cannot complain, though. it sounds like portland is still in the heat, and ready to set a record for the most 90 degree days in a row.

ryan and i tried to slip out for a mini date, but plans didn’t work out. the place we were headed is closed on monday.

so, we stopped at the liquor store and grocery store for cocktail fixin’s.

i had a drink called “mommy’s little helper” in sunriver. it’s vanilla vodka, sparkling wine, and grapefruit juice. ryan’s sister said she wanted to try it, so i picked up what i need to make sure that we would be able to replicate it tomorrow night.

i think i got it right. or, at the very least, right enough.

it’s the first quiet evening we have had since last wednesday. just our family and the grandparents for dinner.

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