attitude is everything

We’re fighting seasonal allergies around here.

Mine start in March, and start to clear up about now, but the kids are having a rough go of it right now.

Lorelai and I were up at 2:30 am…and haven’t been back to sleep (she slept for 20 minutes right around 6 am).


I was throwing myself a pity party this morning.

I don’t do well without sleep.

I was in tears this morning…feeling sorry for myself.

It didn’t feel good.

So, I decided to change my attitude.

Not always an easy task, but it can be done.

The kids and I went to school and gave Reece’s teachers a gift for Teacher Appreciation Week.

(i will blog about it later this week, but until then you can check out what we did the last two years here and here)

Both of his teachers said they had had rough mornings and that the gift helped them to feel better.

Spread kindness.

I realized that in the hurry to get out the door we forgot Reece’s lunch.

I texted Ryan, and he offered to drop it off at the school.

Accept help.

Lorelai and I went for a run down to the river. The endorphins and vitamin D surely helped to boost my mood. In addition listening to a little Maroon 5 and Adam Levine helped push me harder…I ran 3.75 miles the longest I have run in over a year.

Get outside.


Get moving.

So, I’m still tired, but my mood is better.

Attitude is everything.

Our weekend was pretty awesome.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest has been amazing the last week.






We centered our actvities around being outdoors…







the Kentucky Derby…


and Cinco de Mayo…


When all was said and done, we had tired kiddos.


When Lorelai and I got home from our run, she picked a flower from our garden for me.



I could really be Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail…

Kathleen Kelly: I love daisies.

Joe Fox:  You told me.

Kathleen Kelly: They’re so friendly. Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?


home is…turning a frown upside down.



{inspired} you are strong

I’ve been inspired by some recent posts about running from some of my favorite bloggers out there…

Meg wrote about running her first half marathon.

Nici wrote a guest post over at  Kelle’s blog about battling an eating disorder and running.

Maggie wrote about her relationship with running.

In addition, a local momma who used to push me to my limits in her Stroller Strides classes wrote about her experience at the Boston Marathon and shared her story with her facebook friends…she was right near the finish line as the bombs went off…and, luckily, is home safe.

my running story

The past two springs were tough on my health for one reason or another, so my exercise and running routines got set on the back burner.

I found plenty of other things to fill my time (thrifting, etsy, decorating our home, sewing, creating)…and my belly. Almost 10 pounds heavier, I’ve decided it’s time to get back into shape.

So, I’ve started running again.

run 3

When I can, I run a quick route down to the park with Odyssey. He loves it. I love it. And, it does both of us a lot of good.

This week I had missed my runs with Odyssey with kids being home from school sick, and Ryan out of town. The weather today was much too beautiful to run on a treadmill indoors, but I was itching to go for a run.

Not just itching, CRAVING it.

I NEEDED to go for a run.

I thought about Nici’s post and I pulled the BOB dualie out of the back of the car (where it’s been riding around for months) and pumped up the tires.

Lorelai hopped in and off we went!

run 2

Long story short, I ran farther and longer than I have in a LONG time.

An older woman running the older direction said, “Wow! You are strong!”

And, I crossed paths with another momma friend, who is also a runner, and has put together a fundraising race in the very park we were running in…go check out the foundation website and the race facebook page…and sign up to run with me (I will be running the 10K).

run 1

I run because I like to.

It feels good physically (when I run…maybe not so much afterwards).

It feels good emotionally.

I can do it alone.

I can share it with friends.

I can share it with my dog.

I can share it with my little girl.

And, it doesn’t hurt to hear people say, “Wow! You are strong!”

my very first running inspiration

You know who it is?

My sister.

She was always faster than me.

A better athlete than me.

It was like she didn’t even have to try and she learned to do hard things…like back flips.

She never took gymnastics.

When we were in college she worked at a running shoe store.

She ran 1/2 marathons before I had any idea what a 1/2 marathon was.

She ran in the snow.

She ran in the rain.

She ran to places in Boulder I didn’t know existed!

I had no interest in running.

She asked me to go, but I rarely did.

One of these days, I hope that my sister and I can run a race together.

I’m not into running for more than 1 hour at a time, so I like 10k’s, but I might run a 1/2 marathon if she would run one with me!

and a winner…

Thank you all so much for leaving a comment. So fun to read what you would or would not change. Seems that most of us were happy with our special day! Life is good!

The winner of the $50 credit is tara (@etsetara)!

Please send me an e-mail at homeis{at}stephanytaddeo{dot}com so I can get you your prize!

home is…running inspiration.

pfabulous photography

We had a family photo mini session on Sunday evening with a local portland momma and fabulous photographer, Jenn, of Pfaus Photography.

We met through Instagram, and when I saw that she was doing mini-sessions I signed up.

We have not had professional family photos taken in three years, so it was time.

Here are a few preview photos…

home is…pfamily photos.

cock-a-doodle-do at four in the afternoon

Just checkin’ in.

During the winter months I want everything cozy and warm, but it was starting to feel heavy and cluttered.

So, I’ve been rearranging.

Spring cleaning.

Lightening things up a bit.

I’ll share it all with you soon.

For now, a few photos from {m}iphone…

4.10.13 12

He’s getting used to the empty space in his mouth and alreay has another loose tooth.

4.10.13 11

She  has such a fun personality. Singing, dressing up, making up stories.

4.10.13 10

Put this back up on the chalkboard in the family room…it is kind of “dog themed”.

4.10.13 9

A few of my favorite things found a nice spot in a vintage crate on the wall in our kitchen.

4.10.13 8

Lorelai is writing her name at school.

4.10.13 7

A jar full of little people in the playroom.

4.10.13 6

We have ants. The kids are both mesmerized and terrified by them. They will hold snakes, walk up to big dogs, feed goats, but ants…it might have something to do with the ants that were all over me at the refuge over spring break.

4.10.13 5

The last of the camellia are blooming and falling to the ground. There’s a big mess to clean up. I wish they lasted longer.

4.10.13 4

She let me put a braid in her hair. I love it when her hair is out of her face.

4.10.13 3

It was a nice morning to share my coffee with Odyssey. Then it got windy and rainy. Then sunny. Then rainy. Then sunny, again.

4.10.13 2

Trader Joe’s had bunches of ten daffodils for $1.29. I bought 5 bunches. They brighten up the craft table.

4.10.13 1


Mail makes me happy. This afternoon we pulled into the garage just as the mail man stopped. I got an unexpected package from an instagram friend. Homemade jam and this beautiful granny square garland. I absolutely LOVE it!

4.10.13 13

This oldy, but goody dowloaded with my other photos. I decided to share it because everybody else is sharing photos of their newly hatched chicks. I want chickens, but Ryan isn’t so keen on the idea. Maybe next year. For now, I’ll visit other peoples chickens and be happy that our neighbors have a rooster that wakes us up every morning…and all day long.

He’s cock-a-doodle-dooing now…it’s 4pm.

I would like to read up about raising chickens and I know there are a lot of you out there who know about it, so if you have some good recommendations please let me know!

home is…just chicken in on a Wednesday afternoon. {get it?!}


{hello friday} 4.5.2013

hello friday 4.5.2013 17

Just a quick hello to you on this Friday afternoon.

This weekend I will recap our Spring Break visit with Ryan’s mom.

Until then, here a few photos from the week from {m}iphone.

hello friday 4.5.2013 16

This little lady landed on my chair when we were sitting outside enjoying our beautiful spring break weather.

hello friday 4.5.2013 13

hello friday 4.5.2013 2

Odyssey and I have started sharing coffee outside when it is warm and dry enough.

hello friday 4.5.2013 10

We also shared a great run down to the river on Wednesday morning. I can’t wait to do it again!

hello friday 4.5.2013 15

hello friday 4.5.2013 14

hello friday 4.5.2013 12

hello friday 4.5.2013 9

Lorelai has figured out that she can do just about anything her brother can do and has started to write her name, ride a bike, run after the dogs on our walks, and make her own puddles to splash in when it is not raining.

hello friday 4.5.2013 18

Her brother taught her how to climb this pallet to talk to the boys next door.

hello friday 4.5.2013 8

She also loves to paint and draw.

hello friday 4.5.2013 7

This was her drawing and imitation of a butterfly.

hello friday 4.5.2013 1

hello friday 4.5.2013 4

The wild cherry tree that hangs over our yard from our neighbors yard is full of white flowers.

hello friday 4.5.2013 5

Yesterday, after enjoying a cozy rainy afternoon in front of the fire, the kids yelled, “Mom! It’s sunny and it’s snowing!”

hello friday 4.5.2013 6

We went outside to dance in the snow and enjoy the brief sunbreak.

hello friday 4.5.2013 3

The kids also go dive bombed by a hummingbird when they were up on their pallet perch looking into the neighbors yard.

Happy weekend eve, ya’ll!

home is…spring in the pacific northwest.


It’s spring break, and spring is officially here in the Pacific Northwest.

break 8

A lazy morning felt good. We had no plans for the day.

break 7

Eventually we got ourselves moving and…

break 5

Spun spiderwebs of yarn around the house that eventually turned themselves into laser beam security systems for playing spy.

break 9

Lorelai took off riding her bike over the weekend…pedaling by herself. So, while I spent 40 minutes cleaning up the yarn, the kids rode circles around the garage making up all sorts of racing/going to the store/going to school games.

break 4

We took a drive to pick up the newest addition to my latest collection addiction…vintage typewriters.

break 3

I got some happy mail from and instagram friend…there is a special corner of our home filled with special things from friends all over the country who I have never met.

break 2

We colored eggs…for the first time this week…I have a feeling we will be eating lots of egg salad.

break 1

The kids watched a movie after picking out flowers and making cards for their favorite neighbor who celebrates a birthday today.

The best thing…without any grand plans or extraordinary adventures Reece has already declared this “the best day of spring break ever”.

It doesn’t take much more than spending time with them to make them happy.

home is…a staycation.

beat, but not beaten

I just ready Kelle’s post.

So thankful to be reminded that it’s ok to have some balls on the floor.

Like blog posts…

While not at the top of my priority list, I do have a bunch of posts written in my head, but by the time I have a moment to sit down with my thoughts I am beat.

And, exercise…

I want to start up my exercise routine and lose the ten extra pounds I am carrying around, but my little girl screams and throws a ten minute tantrum every time I mention the name of our health club.


I was the mom at kindergarten pick up whose kid hit her in the head three times and told her that he hates her in front of all the other moms, kids, and the teacher.

Yeah, that was awesome.


We were on time to get out the door to school. You see, my kindergartener does NOT like to be late and have to walk into circle time by himself. So, I try extra hard to get to school ON TIME so he does not feel bad. We left the neighborhood on our usual route and there was a train STOPPED on the tracks. I backed up and took an alternate route which had a blocked intersection due to an accident.



That’s how I was feeling.

Somehow, we made it to school and the little guy was not late for circle.

I reminded his teacher that I would be picking him up early from school to get to the dentist.

She said she remembered. She also,politely and quietly, said, “I hope you were able to deal with that situation yesterday. If you need me to say something to him I would be happy to. That is never acceptable behavior.”

Oh, how I needed to hear that.

I broke down into tears. We hugged. I asked for her help. She said I could always talk to her…anytime.

I cried the entire way home.

I needed that cry.

I am blessed by the people who are in my life and know exactly what I need and when I need it.

I needed her to see the little guy, who is normally thoughtful and caring at school, act out.

I am thankful for that moment.

I’m still beat, but not beaten.

So, how about some pictures from the last 10 days…

spring 1

spring 5

spring 2

spring 3

spring 4

spring 9

spring 17

spring 6

spring 7

spring 13

spring 8

spring 18

spring 10

spring 11

spring 14

spring 12

spring 15

spring 16

spring 19

spring 20

spring 22


Happy Spring!

home is…sometimes even good intentions get wonky.

color my world valentines and a giveaway

Valentine’s Day is this week, and while I feel it is a bit of an over rated holiday (we SHOULD love our loved ones EVERYDAY) I still decorate for it and get excited about it.

More for my kiddos than anything else.

I wanted to go ALL OUT for Reece’s first Valentine’s party at preschool when he was 3, but held back because he was only in preschool.

Not to mention, I was an exhausted mom of a 3-1/2 and 1-1/2 year old and could only handle buying what was cheapest at the dollar store (is there such a thing?!) and MAYBE sign his name.

Last year, same story different year.

Although, I think I made HIM sign his name.

This year, I decided to do something fun!

Around here we are fans of maps and color, so I decided to combine the two…


color my world 4

I found these adorable crayon packages at Target…

color my world 7

Tear pages out of the atlas.

color my world 5

Cut out heart shapes…about 6″ large.

color my world 2

Glue a crayon pack onto one side of the heart.

color my world 6

Write “You color my world, friend!” on the other side.

color my world 9

Sign your name.

color my world 3

Share the love!

color my world 8

and a giveaway

In the same section of Target where I found the awesome packs of crayons I also found the fun felted heart garland.

color my world 12

I swore that I could and would make something like it on my own, but gave in and bought TWO for our house.

color my world 11

Then, I went back and bought one more…for one of you!

I know you won’t get it in time for Valentines Day, but this is something I may keep up in my house year round!

And, you can too!

To enter leave an answer to the following question as a comment:

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Deadline is Wednesday, February 13th at 9pm Pacific.

Winner will be announced on Thursday, February 14th!

home is…sharing the love.

happy paper flowers

paper bag flowers

Lorelai’s room has been going through a transformation, again.

I’ve moved the bed three different times, hung and rehung artwork, and changed the placement of the tissue paper puffs that were originally decoration for her first birthday party.

I pinned this photo months ago planning to add these flowers to the tissue paper puffs that were on the wall above her bed…

Source: via stephany @ on Pinterest

I saved paper bags over and over the last few months, only to put them in the recycle bin or in the compost.

The other day I came home from Trader Joes with a bunch of paper bags and decided I needed to finally make the flowers.

Here is the awesome tutorial from A Place for Us.

paper bag flowers 1

I got to work on them Sunday morning. The tutorial was easy to follow and the results turned out perfect!

paper bag flowers 6

paper bag flowers 2

paper bag flowers 5

paper bag flowers 4

paper bag flowers 7

paper bag flowers 3

paper bag flowers 8

I secretly wish this room was mine. I love the handmade flowers and vintage goodness in her room.

home is…happy paper flowers.

{2013} beginning

So, here it is. My first post of 2013.

Just as 2012 is completed, 2013 has just begun.



  1. Start; perform or undergo the first part of (an action or activity): “the Communists have just begun to fight”; “it was beginning to snow”.
  2. Come into being or have its starting point at a certain time or place: “the ground campaign had begun”.
start – commence – initiate – open – lead off – launch

Unlike last year, our house is no longer a “blank slate”. Don’t get me wrong, there are still projects to be done, but most of them are out of my scope of expertise.

I have the designs for a new kitchen drawn up in my head.

I know what kind of wood/laminate flooring I want in our main floor.

I have great ideas for our master bath.

And, our second floor pop-up over the living room and dining room is all planned…just need an design/build group to work with to finish the details.

None of those have to get done for us to be happy in our home, though.

So, we’ll wait until the time is right.

For now, I will begin by picking a white to paint over the red walls in our kitchen and the blue sponge paint in the kids bathroom.

And, I have a fun idea from Pinterest for Lorelai’s room…


There will be more projects, more thrifting, and more fun adventures with the kids.

This is just the beginning.

home is…to begin is half the work.