{our home} under foot

Last Friday we had new floors installed on our entire first floor. They turned out beautiful, but I am now on the hunt for a good area rug for our family room…

…something we can snuggle up on next to the fireplace…

…something that adds color and whimsy to a mainly beige room.

I tend to gravitate towards organic patterns like flowers and paisleys…

rugs on pinterest

you can see my favorites on the  Pinterest board I created.

Which one do you like the best? Let me know after you go check them out!

home is…something new under foot.

{our home} summer kitchen project

shortly after i returned from whatever craft weekend (which i promise to write about soon), i decided it was time to paint the red walls in our kitchen white.

kitchen 1

i asked my instagram friends what whites they have used, but was too impatient to wait for all of the suggestions and decided to go with the pot of cream from behr (the sample on the far left).

kitchen 2

reece was still in school, so lorelai and i got to work.

kitchen 3

it was an instant transformation on the walls, so i thought, “why not paint EVERYTHING white?!”

kitchen 9

soon, i was testing the paint on the cabinets and drawers…on the hallway walls…and in the playroom.

kitchen 10

and, i LOVE it!

kitchen 5

it has already made our kitchen seem bigger and brighter.

kitchen 6

it’s been A LOT of work, though. i will not be posting any kind of “how to” about this project because i am winging it…i’ve watched videos, read numerous how to’s on my own, but until i actually got into it i had no idea what i was getting into.

kitchen 4

the good news? the bases and drawers are all painted.

kitchen 7

the cabinet doors have been tricky for me to get a smooth finish on, but i’m working on it…one door at a time.

kitchen 8

i think we will be adding new floors to the first floor, too.

think oak laminate plank flooring.

this is one of those BIG projects that we didn’t have time or resources for that i wrote about in our home tour on life made lovely.

sometimes, you make the time and find the resources to get it done.

and, we are.

home is…hard work and patience.

west elm spring social and paper flowers

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know I love flowers.

I’ve made button flowers, love sunflowers, have made rose hairclips, and, most recently, made paper flowers for Lorelai’s room.

So, this event at West Elm is right up my alley…

we-spring socialIf you are local in Portland you can attend this event at their store in the Brewery Blocks:

1201 NW Couch Street
(Corner Of Couch St. And 12th Ave)
Portland, OR 97209

I love their new collection of paper flowers…

Detailed View

Paper Flowers - Hellebore

Paper Flowers - Quince

Detailed View

home is…flowers, flowers, and more flowers!

the un-dining room table

Thrifting, my new favorite past-time, has led to some fun changes in our home.

Last week I gave a preview of our un-dining room and promised to fill you in on where the table and chairs came from.

Well, here is the story of the table.

I have wanted a round table for the dining room for a while.

I did my research online and figured we could get a decent round table for $500.

Yeah, $500.

Without chairs.

I wanted something solid, all wood, that could hold up to the kiddos.

I also wanted it to have leaves so we could extend it for use when we had more than our family over for dinner.

One Saturday early this summer I took Lorelai to Goodwill…on a whim.

We did our usual route…looking for Pyrex, globes, and other fun stuff.

Then I made a spin through the furniture when I heard over the PA that all furniture was 50% for another 4 minutes.

That’s when I found it.

My round table.

Solid wood.

Two leaves.

And, a bonus…four chairs!

It was priced at $59.99.

Less 50%.

That made it less than $30!

I jumped on it…especially when I saw another lady eyeing it.

I texted Ryan after I left and said that I would need to use his truck to pick something up at Goodwill later that afternoon.

This is what I brought home.

Ryan might have been a little shocked, but I had a vision…for the table.

I promptly started to sand the thick speckled finish off the oak.

Every chance I got I would head out the the garage and sand.

I took all the pieces apart.

More sanding.

More sanding.

More sanding.

Until it looked like this.

Then I started painting the primer on.

Multiple thin coats.

After it was primed I put the base back together and painted.

Multiple thin coats.

I had help.

I would let each coat dry completely and then add another coat…alternating between working on the base and working on the top.

This was after one or two coats.

I’m not sure how many I actually ended up applying.

Sometimes I would just hang out and watch the paint dry.

Eventually, it started looking good.

I brought it inside and put a couple coats of paste wax on it.

This is what we ended up with.

I’m pretty darn pleased.

I love how the wood grain shows through.

You’ll notice we aren’t using the chairs.

They are currently in storage.

Anybody in Portland want them?

I’ll give you a good deal.

The story of the chairs will come soon.

Stay tuned…

For the record, I saw this table in the most recent Restoration Hardware catalog…

Source: restorationhardware.com via stephany @ on Pinterest

It’s $995.

home is…a little bit of do it yourself.

{our home} the un-dining room

If you know me, you know I am always changing our house.

Always have.

Always will.

Mainly rearranging what we already have, because we don’t have the budget for major changes.

Although, the year that Lorelai was born (three years ago) we did make some major furniture purchases and changed out most of the carpet in our house.

Pretty much every room in our house got new furniture that year.

It was cool, but we also knew that the furniture had to last or “evolve” as our family needs changed.

And, for the most part, it has.

You can read my previous posts about some of the original changes we made here, here, and here.

This summer I made some changes to our living-room-turned-playroom-sometimes-guestroom…and the adjoining dining room, which I now refer to as the un-dining room (I think I borrowed that phrase from Megan and her Craft House).

I will do some more posts on the specifics of the changes, but for now here is a preview…

Our living-room-turned-playroom-sometime-guest-room is the first room you see when you enter our house…and it is completely open to and adjoining our dining room.

We do not have a breakfast nook in our kitchen, so we eat most of our meals in our dining room.

It has also been my main workspace and crafting area, so eating there when I was in the middle of some kind of crafting escapade was not always workable.

And, it was frustrating.

So, I moved furniture…and went thrifting.

I wanted a round table for the area…everything in the room was angular and the space needed some curves.

So, I added one.

I also added globes, embroidery hoops with fabric, and some new lighting.

We moved our old farmhouse style table to the area between the playroom and the dining room, which was previously open play space or filled by a train table that we donated to Goodwill. It is now used as a craft table/workspace for me and the kids.

This now leaves our dining room table open for meals…yay!

I will save the story about how the dining room table and chairs came to be for future posts.

{And, I hope to get some better photos with my DSLR…I used my iphone for these and the lighting was not that great…glaring through the windows or too dark.}

Stay tuned…

home is…happy spaces.

{diy} mason jar pendant light

Yesterday I took a photo of our clean kitchen and posted it on Instagram.

I was just happy to have it clean, but I had some questions about the mason jar pendants hanging above our counter.

So, here I am with my first {diy} post…I guess you could call it a tutorial, right?!

{I use the IKEA Hemma light kit, but you can find something similar in the lighting section at Lowes or Home Depot}

home is…personalizing your space.

UPDATE: I recently cleaned our mason jars and added some vent holes to the top by tapping extra holes in the lid with a hammer and nail.

{our home} is what thrifting makes it

I started “thrifting” a few months ago.

I’ve always liked to go “treasure hunting“…at antique stores, the Farm Chicks show, and other local markets/shoppes.

Initially, I went through a run when I would stop at a Goodwill almost every day of the week.

Through thrifting, I have been able to finally turn my house into the home I had imagined on a budget that is realistic.

It has recharged my creativity…for crafts and interior design.

Not to mention, I’ve started a few collections…

Vintage children’s books, map puzzles, embroidery hoops, vintage toys, globes, scales, vintage board games funky old artwork, and vintage pyrex.

I no longer go everyday, but you can bet if I drive by a Goodwill that I will most likely pull into that parking lot for a quick look around.

These photos are from my sewing desk…I don’t actually sew there, but it stores my sewing machine, fabric, and other pretty stuff.

It makes me happy.

Oh, and I have ALWAYS collected Mary Engelbreit stuff.

What recharges your creativity?

Do you collect anything?

home is…creatively recharged.

{our home} gallery walled

I’ve been talking about doing a home tour here on the blog, and today I was inspired by Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick to share our bathroom.

Our little, tiny powder bath.

We painted and put a new vanity and light in there over a year ago.

It was improved, but boring.

If you’ve been to our home, chances are you’ve been stuck in the powder bath lately (up until last week, the pocket door would stick…bad).

The good news is there is lots for you to look at if you do get stuck in there.

After the holidays, I finally got around to hanging artwork and photographs up on our walls (it only took 4 years).

This spring, I started to find some fun items while thrifting.

Along with some original artwork from family, some photographs, the kids hand and foot prints, my old teddy bear, a chalkboard from The Farm Chicks Show, and a few frames filled with cork the walls of this small room filled up quickly.

There are still a few frames to fill , but I love this room.

After we installed the new vanity, I was bothered by the fact that the wall around the vanity needed to be repaired, the flooring needed to be replaced, and we were missing some trim. You can see it all in the photo below…

In hindsight, I would have left the old vanity and just painted it.

The artwork, paint, new faucet, and lighting add what I was really looking for in this room.

home is…something to look at.

summer solstice

I was going to write a big post about our yard and how it has changed and grown since my last post, but I am tired and I didn’t take photos with my good camera today.

This morning was beautiful and I enjoyed our backyard…sipping coffee while the kids watched a show inside (it was a bit cold out).

After that, I organized, crafted, and cleaned inside while the kids ate breakfast and played.

Once it warmed up, we moved outside where we organized, played, cleaned (think car wash) outside, and made rainbows.

Summer definitely made an appearance here in the Pacific Northwest today…

I hope you all had a great day, too!

*all photos taken on my iPhone with Instagram…you can follow me @homeisablog

home is…summer.

play games

Inspired by this

I decided to do this…

in our playroom.

I am not handy with a saw and I don’t think we even have a table saw. So, I just glued a 12″ x 12″ canvas to the back of each game board and hung them up on the wall.

Originally, I used our more current game boards.

Then, after thrifting, I found some “vintage” game boards from the 80’s that I liked better.

So, I took the newer game boards off the canvases and put some thrifted ones back on.

I got the canvases on sale at Michaels…7 canvases for $20…so that’s less than $3 a piece.

The Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land and Life games were all found at Goodwill for $1.99 each.

We had the Scrabble and Monopoly games on hand.

So, for about $20, I added some colorful and playful art to our playroom!

home is…being playful.

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