being a diva

Well, technically, a former diva.  We called ourselves diva’s at the design firm where I worked before I left to be a stay-at-home-mom.  I don’t exactly know how it started as I began after the fact (maybe one of the original diva’s can fill in the blanks).  In the last couple of years some of us have left, some of us have stayed, and some new diva’s have come along.

Last week, we had a diva night.  Needless to say, it was too much fun…

home is…being a former diva.

5 thoughts on “being a diva

  1. Melissa Bailey says:

    I coined the phrase ‘diva’ upon our first trip to ‘the dez’ with our then fearless leader. It was a catchy caption to a pic ‘desert Diva’s’ after we all were looking less than Divalicious after one too many cosmos by the pool.
    What was originally meant as a tongue in cheek reference stuck ferociously and now will forever be a term of endearment for many who have lived through ‘field trips, in field trips’ and know what it ,mean to have a paperwork lasagna on your desk.
    Love my Diva’s former and present.

  2. Diva T says:

    AWWWW-Steph…I love reading all of your blogs, you are such a great writer and share interesting stories. I especially enjoyed this one–forever the diva “club” forever FRIENDS! It was fabulous to spend a night with you-your smile is endless and your laugh contagious–Beautiful inside and out! xoxo

  3. Kam (Diva K) says:

    Unfortunately, now that many of us have left the office the presence of our other Divas is far too infrequent!! I know that life gets in the way… but I very much enjoy our Diva time together and hope that 2011 brings us together more often for more fun filled memories! Maybe sometime we could “take a field trip, just real quick” and see where the adventure takes us!!
    Miss you all and love to you ALL!!!!

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