time for theraflu

I’m happy for this week to be over.

I was sick.  And, now I am sick of being sick.

Before kids, I used to be able to call in a sick day, lay in bed and sleep, take medicine, and get over the bug sooner rather than later.  With kids, we pass the sickness around, barely get time to rest, and it feels like a simple headcold lasts for weeks.

Thanks to my husband, I got to sleep in until after 8 this morning.  I was also able to get a 5+ mile run in.  I am on the mend.

Now it is time for me to take some Theraflu and hit the sack.

home is…hoping for a week with no colds.

One thought on “time for theraflu

  1. kathy says:

    in my mommy years, my friends used to say that mommies can’t get sick… well they can, of course, it just doesn’t make much difference to your day! Glad you have a husband who will step in when he can.

    When you are a nana, your kids take care of you when you are sick, even when you don’t need them to… and you get better SOOO much faster! Thought I’d give you something to look forward to!

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