get moving…

It’s Monday!

It feels like a Monday, but I am reminding myself that I am going to be positive on Monday and get moving.  Monday, show me your stuff!!

So, this morning we will be headed to a Stroller Strides class, stopping by Target, coming home for some lunch, maybe heading over to Clubsport so I can sit in the steam room and take a shower….and then who knows what?!

I promise to give more to my posts this week.  Last week, it was hard to stick with “post a day 2011”, but I did it!  I don’t have a plan for my posts this week, but hope to have a little about the kids, a little about life, and maybe even a little about design.

Anything that you would like to know about me?  My family? Design?  Just leave a comment and let me know!

home is…being able to start fresh with a new week!

3 thoughts on “get moving…

  1. kathy says:

    I love everything about the children, as you know! Design: I think it would be interesting if you talked about your use of color in your home, as I think that’s a striking feature… also how to make rooms flexible for more than one use and any multi-function furniture/storage tips… also how to green rooms/homes in small ways… I’m sure I’ll have more design questions as I think more about it… thanks for asking!

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