the little guy said…

After the kids ate dinner tonight I was wiping macaroni and cheese off the newly cleaned floors.

LG: “Mommy, how did that spot get there?”

M: “It’s a stain, we can’t clean it off.”

LG: “I know what could help you clean it off. The O-Cedar ProMist!”

home is…the little guy watching a bit too much TV when mommy is sick.


2 thoughts on “the little guy said…

  1. Kam says:

    Amazing all they absorb!! Not just from the tv but from everywhere. And when they start using what you say to them back at you…. that’s the best!! I remember my sister calling ‘to thank me’ because Baydon had just sat her down and said “mommy, you need to stop and focus and pay attention” because I used to tell him that!! Kids sure are priceless!!!!!
    Snap Eyed Peas!

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